Angela Whitelaw

Singer/Songwriter. Stranraer, Scotland

My songs have always been very honest; sometimes maybe quite close to the bone & occasionally covering normally avoided topics. But in the happier ones such Gabriella there are also reminders to be yourself & to be happy in your skin. Gabriella imparts that your life can change more than you thought it could: you can still be you but a better version of you.

Four happy/sad songs, each burdened with a powerful message, Gabriella (Angela's second EP) released on 20th April 2018. Taking influences from the likes of Nick Drake, Joan Baez & Angela Hardy.


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Apples On A Lilac Tree

Apples on a Lilac Tree. Like that's ever gonna happen! This song is a challenge to anyone who thinks they can improve on what they've already got. Many people believe the grass is greener over there & whilst sometimes it is, it's amongst the more unlikely endings to a story.

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Gabriella - Possibly my favourite song from the EP, because of what it represents. The tiny caterpillar that was upon the ground is now free to fly & be her beautiful fluttery self. The change was quiet & subtle but the outcome was breathtaking & life changing.

"Let her dance upon the breeze:" a lyric I loved so much I had it tattooed on my skin.



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this song was initially inspired by a Baez/Dylan love story that I happened upon whilst researching my favourite of Joans songs 'Diamonds & Rust'. I wrote it on an incredibly sunny summer's day with the heat of the sun burning my back. It seemed to flow easily & was possibly one of the quickest songs I've written. It centres around a lost love that she knew would never work yet that would never be replaced.

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The Man In Shoes Of Suede And Blue

I find trying to describe the way music makes me feel almost impossible but this song is my attempt. Some songs hit you in the heart & hurt but some songs go straight to your feet for a boogie. Everyone hears different things within songs & they can stir memories that you'd never expect...