Angela Whitelaw

Angela Whitelaw

"Things can change"

"Things can change in an instant" she thought... twirling a strand of hair between her fingers. She looked across the small café table at this young man, his eyes the colour of August. She hadn’t known him for long, just a couple of days, yet she’d already told him so much about herself. The woods behind her family home where, as a child she'd played out an imaginary life, a lost Princess waiting for a Prince to return her to her very own Royal Palace.

Behind the young man in the corner on a low stage, a woman played guitar singing softly and sweetly, her voice complementing the mood of the dimly lit café. The music shimmered out through the open windows to join the currents of a late summer breeze. Earlier they’d been caught in the rain; a quick shower that had left the street dark & slick. The wet black surface reflected the city lights creating a rippling kaleidoscope of colour; patterns moving in time with the music, music of lilac & suede. She closed her eyes, allowing the melody to break the silence of her heart. The young man reached over & took her hand.

She thought again, about how things can change. 

“In an instant,” she thought, “impossible magical things.”

About my Lyrics

I occasionally grapple with unspoken truths & my songs are sometimes a little too honest I guess. Even in my happier songs these traits are still evident - somewhere just below the surface. I think this honesty stems from my own self-realisation, my own fragility. 

I want to give people truth & honesty but I also want to remind them to be themselves & to be happy in their skin.

'Gabriella' my second EP

The title track is a reminder that your life can change more than you thought it could but that you can still be you, just a better version of you.

The caterpillar/butterfly analogy is really the story of my own personal metamorphosis & the things I've gone through.